How do I edit the social media view of my website when sharing on LinkedIn or Facebook?

— edit the view of your website when sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn

1. You can control the preview of a page via a built-in system in the SEO plugin that is included with every Popeye portfolio. This system is called Opengraph and can be configured via edit page> smartcrawl> social> opengraph> enable. There you can set the Title, Description and Featured Image for social media. OpenGraph is a standard protocol used for Facebook and LinkedIn, among others.

2. If a preview of your page was recently generated by Facebook or Linkedin, it is necessary to ask Facebook or Linkedin to clear their cache to make your changes visible.


You can submit a request to Facebook or Linkedin to empty the cache memory of the preview images on the links below:

! after entering your url it is important to click on the button ‘scrape again’.

Tips 'n tricks

If you work on a smaller screen, you can press (command) + (minus sign) a few times in your browser so that you zoom out and get a clearer overview of the order. It is important to zoom in afterwards for the preview, otherwise the site will look a bit crazy.