Spam filtering with Akismet

— Secure forms on your website using Akismet

Activating Akismet

The first step is to activate the Akismet plugin. Since the plugin package of Akismet is bundled with Popeye, there is no need to manually install it. Move to the Plugins menu and simply activate the plugin titled Akismet Anti-Spam.


  1. Go to  Example:
  2. Plugins -> Akismet Anti-Spam -> activate
  3. Settings -> fill in the API key
  4. Save

Deploying Akismet in a contact form

To use Akismet to protect your contact form, you need to give specific options to input fields (form-tags).


  1. Go to the contact form in the backend -> edit


You give this option to the field where submitters input their names.

Example: [text* your-name akismet:author]


You give this option to the field where submitters input their email addresses.

Example: [email* your-email akismet:author_email]

Testing the spam filtering

To test if the spam filtering is working correctly, try inputting “viagra-test-123” into the name (akismet:author) field or “” into the email (akismet:author_email) field, and submitting the form. With these magic words reserved for testing, Akismet must return a “spam” response. If it is working as expected, you’ll see an orange-bordered error message.

Tips 'n tricks

Akismet is a plugin that removes nearly 10 million spam messages per hour worldwide. By collecting and comparing spam from as many websites as possible, the plugin will create automatic spam rules and algorithms to ensure that virtually no spam messages reach your mailbox. We offer the installation and the license worth € 50 per year per site free of charge as a thank you for choosing Popeye.