How do I add promotion on selected articles?

— Learn everything about how to add a promotion. This means sale on all the products or specific ones.

Go to the backend. Next you look for the Woocommerce tab > settings. Open the tab ‘Pricing pro (B2B)’ and click on the blue button ‘Dynamic Pricing’. To define your promotion you need to add rules. So click the button ‘add rule’

1. Offer type: select Buy X get Y

2. Label: Koppelverkoop (give this label the correct name so you don’t forget what rule this is)

3. Applies to: specific categories

4. Buy: fill in the number of how many items a person should buy before they get a discount f.e. 2

5. Get: fill in the number f.e. 1 of how many items they receive after buying 2

6. Adjustment type: select fixed account

7. Amount: you don’t have to fill this in except if you want to add an extra discount on top of the other discount you’re now making. Than you have to select ‘percentage discount’ in step 6.

8. “Buy” categories: select here the categories of the products that are required for a discount

9. “Get” categories: select the categories or products that will be available to buy or get when the minimum of products has been reached. In this case if they buy 2 products they can choose 1 product of the “get” categories.



10. Don’t forget to save at the bottom of the page

11. Click ‘update’ at the top of the page on your right

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* This article applies only on websites with a specific plugin. Activate this plugin by taking a subscription on our Popeye Princing Pro plugin.