Editing or adding products

— Learn everything about editing and managing products

Follow the next steps to edit products

  1. In the menubar on your left click the button ‘products’
  2. An overview with all products will open
  3. If you want to edit a certain product click ‘edit’
  4. If you want to add a new product click the easiest way is to duplicate products so in this product list click ‘duplicate’

It will immediately open. Once this product has opened you can add your specific information.

  1. Change the title of this product, which is now EL09 The Late Hours in this example
  2. Below set your price
  3. Click the tab inventory to set your stock
  4. On the right side we can see the product categories, select all the categories needed

Scroll down to see the next options:


  1. Product short description is a short description of your product this could be anything you prefer (green framed)
  2. If you scroll more down the page you’ll see the product long description, you can choose what info you fill in there, but mostly it’s more detailed information of the product, but to avoid a very long text like below! (blue framed)

This is how you can add the text in the backend:

  1. Product long/short description
  2. Right side of the page we have product image, which is the front image you see in the product feed on your website
  3. Product gallery are the images for each product if you have more to show

Last step, if everything is done: click update or publish at the top of the page! Otherwise all changes will be gone.

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