How do I optimize a page ?

— Learn everything about how to optimize a page.

In the first tab: SEO. You can view a google preview how your title and meta will be displayed in google search. To edit your preview, you can click on the “edit meta” button. 4 text boxes appear. Here you can enter an SEO title, description and keywords to adjust the google search views of this page.

At the bottom you can choose tags as keywords. If you enable this option, the tags you have given to a page, post or product will also be passed on to google search.

Finally, you have SEO Analysis. If you enter a focus keyword, Smartcrawl will check your page for search optimization and you will receive some recommendations.

The second tab readability gives you tips about the readability of your page.

Social gives you the option to set a specific title and description for social media. The advantage of a separate title and description for social media is that you can also select featured image (images that will be displayed if a visitor chooses to share your post or page).

In the advanced tab you can turn off the page visibility for google search and set other advanced options.

Tips 'n tricks

By optimizing a page: assigning tags, a description, ... this page will do better in google search and therefore be found faster.