The media panel

—  Learn everything about media.  The media panel is where you add and edit media. The media panel contains photos, videos and embedded links.

You can add and edit your media from the ‘media panel’ in your dashboard. Here is how to upload new media.

You can add images to your site. Add a single image to pages, blog posts, and other content areas.

You can go to media → add new

A collection of all uploaded files.
You can upload new images to the library.

Large, high quality videos might lead to an increase in your site’s loading time.
Maximum upload file size: 256 MB.

Media Categories
Add media categories to your media.

Add Multimedia
Add oEmbed, external IMG, SVG code, HTML or Shortcode.

  1. add a title
  2. insert URL
  3. add a caption
  4. add a description
  5. save

Tips 'n tricks

The addition of multimedia files such as videos, images and flash will help you to improve the visual aspect of your site but it will also give your users more benefit from your pages and give them a more pleasant experience thus keeping them on the site for a longer period.