Page Options

—  Learn everything about page options. Here you can determine all page options.

Here you can adjust the background and the width of the page. If you don’t select anything here, the default settings of the theme options will be used.

HTML Body Background
Specify the HTML body background color and media. The background is visible if you have Content > Background Color set to transparent or a Boxed layout.

Page Width
Override the global site width value.

Here you can adjust the width, transparency and shadow of the menu. If you don’t select anything here, the default settings of the theme options will be used.

Override the menu.

Menu Width
Override the menu width.

Remove Transparency
Override to remove the transparency eventually declared in ‘Customize -> Light/Dark skin’.

Remove Shadow
Override to remove the shadow eventually declared in ‘Menu -> Visuals’.

Here you can adjust the header of the page. To add a full-width image by selecting a content block or by selecting the basic header type. Then set an image as background media. You can choose 4 types as header. If the inherit option is chosen, the settings that are set for theme options -> single page, post, etc will be adopted. If you choose the option basic you can add 1 background image by pressing background -> add.
If you choose content block type, you can select a content block with many more options than just a screen filling image. An example of this is a slideshow with changing photos where text is displayed.

Here you can change the properties of the section between and below the header and above the footer.

Here you can enable a sidebar. This option is mainly used for blogs and shops.

Here you can overwrite the footer that you have set in the theme options with a footer that should only be displayed on this page.

Here you can enable the options for the scroll functionality that replaces the standard scroll function.

Tips 'n tricks

Note: when you adjust the header it will open in another screen.