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Security Tweaks
Defender checks for basic security tweaks you can make to enhance your website’s defense against hackers and bots.


Blacklist Monitor
Automatically check if you’re on Google’s blacklist every 6 hours. If something’s wrong, we’ll let you know via email.


Advanced Tools
Enable advanced tools for enhanced protection against even the most aggressive of hackers and bots.


File Scanning
Scan your website for file changes, vulnerabilities and injected code and get and get notified about anything suspicious.


Ip Lockouts
Protect to your login area and have Defender automatically lockout any suspicious behaviour.


Audit Logging
Track and log events when changes are made to your website, giving you full visibility over what’s going on behind the scenes.


Get tailored security reports delivered to your inbox so you don’t have to worry about checking in.

Tips 'n tricks

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