Step 10: specify the properties of the footer

— Determine the width of the footer, widget area, copyright area and additionals.

Wordpress by Popeye Cloud -> Theme Options -> General -> Footer

Specify the footer to full width, change the content block, change the copyright area or hide the scroll up buttons.


Footer Full Width
Expand the footer to full width.

Widget Area

Content Block
Specify the Content Block to use as a footer content.

Copyright Area

Hide Copyright Area
Activate this to hide the Copyright Area.


Automatic Copyright Text
Activate to use an automatic copyright text.


Content Alignment
Specify the footer copyright text alignment.


Social Links
Activate to have the social icons in the footer copyright area.


Scroll Up Button
Activate to add a scroll up button in the footer.

Scroll Up Button On Mobile
Activate to add a scroll up button in the footer for mobile devices.

Tips 'n tricks

Important: after all the adjustments press save changesTip: if the changes are not visible on the website click WP-rocket-> clear cache