Step 3: create a new menu

— Learn how to create a menu. This menu will be the navigation on the website.

Wordpress by Popeye Cloud -> navigation


Create a new menu
Create a new menu -> choose a menu name e.g. primary menu.
On the left side, add menu items. Choose a page title and add to menu. Now you have linked the page with the menu.

Each menu item has several properties:

Navigation Label: The name that will be displayed in the menu.
Icon: Choose an icon by clicking on the ‘icon’ button.
Button style: Shows the menu item as a button.

Menu items can be dragged in a different order by dragging vertically up and down. If you drag an element horizontally they menu item becomes a submenu.


Custom links are used to refer to an anchor point (a specific part of a page). You can use an external link by placing the name of the anchor point at the back of the external link preceded by a hashtag. For example


Important: After you have created your menu you have to assign it to a display location. You have three locations to display your menu.


  1. Primary Menu: classic menu location.
  2. Secondary Menu: placed above the primary menu and always subordinate to the primary menu. It is formatted in a smaller font and right aligned. E.g. include language options, login,…
  3. Call to action menu: placed at the same level on the right side of the primary menu. These are possibly separated by a dividing line. Is mainly used as a search button or shopping basket.

When you have made all the customizations, select “save menu”.

Tips 'n tricks

Don't forget to save the menu that you created. By dragging menu items you can determine the order. The item at the top will be displayed first and so on.