Step 4: add your logo

— Add a logo for your website. You can add multiple logo's (a light and a dark version).

Wordpress by Popeye Cloud -> Theme options

General -> navbar -> logo

Here you can make all kind of logo adjustments.

Positive and negative

Switchable Logo: Activate to upload different logo for each skin.
Turn off when you only want to use the white or black version.
Turn on to place a black and white variation of the logo, with transparent background, in the menu bar.
Logo-light: Black version on a light background
Logo-dark : White version on a dark background

Upload logo
Click on the plus sign to upload a logo.
Select files –> insert logo or select one out of the media library.
Upload a negative version (black) and a positive version (white) of your logo

Logo Height: Enter the height of the logo in px.

Logo Height Mobile: Enter the height of the logo in px for mobile version.

Tips 'n tricks

Important: after all the adjustments press save changesTip: if the changes are not visible on the website click WP-rocket-> clear cache