Step 9: specify the general dimensions of your website

— Set a site width that includes the with of the header and content.

Wordpress by Popeye Cloud -> Theme Options -> General -> Layout


Site Width
Here you can set the width to a number of pixels of your choice. The most commonly used width is 1200px.

Alternately, you can change the site layout alignment and activate a boxed layout with a body frame to put a border around the website in the color of your choice. Next to these options you can also specify if the header or content container should be expanded to full width.


Site Layout Align
Specify the alignment of the content area when is less then 100% width.


Activate for the boxed layout.


Body Frame
Specify the thickness of the frame around the body


Container Full Width
Activate to expand the header container to full width.


Content Area Full Width
Activate to expand the content area to full width.

Tips 'n tricks

Important: after all the adjustments press save changesTip: if the changes are not visible on the website click WP-rocket-> clear cache