Tracking Codes

—  Learn everything about the tracking codes panel.

Frequently Used
You can find your top 5 frequently used modules here.


Customize the existing widgets or add custom feeds to the WordPress Dashboard. Also, update the Meta widget shown on the front-end to match your branding.


Customize every bit of the front-end of your WordPress website to match your website’s theme.


Import existing configurations to setup Branda within few seconds or export this installation’s configurations for other websites.


Admin Area
Customize the different parts of your WordPress Admin Area.


Completely customize the design, content and headers of outgoing emails from your WordPress website or setup a SMTP server.


Utilities are additional components of your website that can be customized to your liking.

Tips 'n tricks

Don't need to add a tracking code but need to add a meta verification for Facebook or Google?  You can add as many meta tags yourself by visiting this page on your wordpress: https:// [ ] /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wds_settings.