Wordpress by Popeye Cloud

— In the menubar, you find Wordpress by Popeye Cloud. This menu consist of the most important tools to view, change and build the website. 

  1. Visit the site or store;
  2. Add a font-family in the font stack;
  3. An overview of all the different forms you can use;
  4. Change or add the site identity, colors, header image, background image, menus, widgets, hompage settings, woocommerce, additional CSS;
  5. Choose menu to compile the navigation bar with a menu structure;
  6. Add or delete users;
  7. Go to theme options to make the choices for the website;
  8.  Add widgets as a calendar, footer text, cart,..

Tips 'n tricks

The most important tools of your website. Keep it clean and organized  to keep a good overview.