WP Rocket clear cache

Clear cache is a tool that is used when the changes cannot be seen on the website. It literally means clearing your cache memory of your browser. This is common when you're working constantly in the backend of your site. So sometimes the cache can load old changes and not renew it, to see your latest changes, we need to empty or clear the cache. The WP Rocket button is shown everywhere on the side in the top menu bar (if you're logged in of course) What you're going to do is go to WP rocket > select clear cache. Afterwords do it again and click > preload cache. And again > purge this URL. If you don't have all of them no worries, just select the ones you have.

Just to be sure, or if the first step didn't work, you need to empty the redis cache too. You can find it in the dashboard. Click settings afterwords you click flush cache.

Tips 'n tricks

Use WP-Rocket on the front-site of the editor if CSS adjustments doesn't change.