Add an e-mail account to Outlook 2016

— Once your Basic mailbox has been created, go to Outlook on your Windows computer to set up your mailbox.

Follow these steps on your Windows computer:


  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel
    Use the Windows search function to get there (see image)

2. Click on “Mail (Microsoft Outlook)”
This item is only visible if you choose the view with large or small icons at the top right, not the category view (see image).

3. If you have not created a profile before, you will get the screen below (see image) where you have to click on “Add”.
Choose a name for your profile and confirm. Click “Apply” to continue.

4. Enter the details of your mailbox:

Your Name: Fill in your name (to appear in your email)
Email Address: Fill in your email address
Password: Fill in your password and repeat

5. Click on “Next” to continue. Outlook will try to configure your mailbox automatically.


6. Click on “Next” to complete the configuration of your mailbox

Tips 'n tricks

Delete e-mails from the server if you chose a POP configurationMake sure your online mailbox has not become full, by deleting deleted e-mails there too. To do this, follow these extra steps: Delete e-mails from the server in Outlook (only POP)