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Introducing Popeye WordPress hosting.  A powerful and simplified pre-installed version of WordPress with 200+ examples and world class support at your service.  We manage your plugins and security so you can focus on design & creation.


Your own webspace on our powerful hosting cluster comes with a simplified pre-installed version of WordPress.

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Domain names

Your domain is the start of a new adventure.  Connect to build a website, portfolio or powerful online store.

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Project a professional image by avoiding the use of free alternatives such as or

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We got you covered with telephone support and a comprehensive set of tutorials in our online knowledge base.

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Find your perfect domain name

A successful website starts with a powerful domain name. Choose from more than 1000 available extensions. From the traditional .com to the latest .shop or .app we are happy to help you find your perfect domain name.

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A powerful and simplified pre-installed version of Popeye WordPress with automated plugin updates, clean user interface and world class support.  Get inspired for your next webdesign.  All examples are 100% build with the Popeye Framework.


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