How do I add an Ads Connector?

— activate Ads Connector to automatically link products to your Google Shopping and Facebook / Instagram Shopping

To get started with the ads connector go to the dashboard and select this tab ‘ads connector’.

Once you’ve opened the Ads Connector, you can use the button below to create a Product feed and set it up as a source for your catalog in Facebook Ads or Google Shopping. You can create one feed for all products. Depending on your advertising strategy, it is often interesting to create different feeds so you can create a different catalog for different brands with a different budget.

Important to set the right category (is only used for Google Shopping)

Important to indicate below option: ‘File will be uploaded into Facebook Business Center’ (to make your feed compatible with FB/IG)

Tips 'n tricks

More info on uploading items to a catalog with a data view via URL (feed) can be found on the knowledge base links below. Important to set up with FB/IG/GOOGLE that their system should be syncing your feed every X number of hours so that your new products, stock and prices are automatically updated: