Set fees and discounts depending on the payment gateway

— Enable Payment Gateway Pricing Pro (B2B)

Payment Gateway

To set an additional fee or discount depending on the payment gateway chosen by your customer, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Pricing Pro (B2B) and ensure that the ‘Enable Payment Gateway Fees and Discounts’ option is selected.

Click on the ‘Payment Gateways’ menu item under the main tabs. You should see all the active payment gateways on your site listed below the page title.

Select the payment gateway where you’d like to create a fee or discount.


In ‘Label’ enter the text that you’d like to use to denote the extra charge


Choose the type of fee or discount in the ‘Type’ dropdown. The options are:

  • Fixed discount
  • Fixed fee
  • Percentage discount
  • Percentage fee
  • Disabled


Enter the amount of the fee or discount in the ‘Amount’ field

Include shipping costs

Decide whether to include shipping costs in the cart total. (Note that this is mainly relevant if you’re charging a percentage rather than a fixed fee and/or if you are setting minimum or maximum values for the cart)

Minimum cart amount

Minimum cart amount

Maximum cart amount

In ‘Maximum cart amount’, you can enter a maximum total for the cart above which no charges will be applied.

Minimum fee/discount amount

Enter a figure here to define the minimum value of the fee or discount

Apply tax

Check ‘Apply tax’ if you would like tax to be applied to the extra charge

Tax class

Select the ‘Tax class’

Tips 'n tricks

Hover over the question mark to get more info.The payment gateway is the method used by the customer to pay for their order. Examples are PayPal, Stripe (for credit card payments), bank transfer, cash on delivery, and many more.