Change your navigation menu links

Changing the navigation of your website 💻

You want to change the order of the navigation links? Or maybe add a page? Follow these steps!
When in the backend go to Wordpress by Popeye Cloud and click 'navigation'.
Before seeing a menu, you have to select the correct one. Mostly it's the primary menu. Then click 'select'.
You can see now that the menu has appeared. There are three links now: shop, lookbook and our clique. 
  1. Click one open to remove
  2. To add another one, select a page on in the left column and click 'add to menu'
  3. To change the order of the menu links: just drag the titels to another place.
  4. If, for example, you've added a new category in your shop let's say 'accessories' and you want to add it in the menu you can click open the tab 'categories' in the left column.
  5. All changes done? Don't forget to click 'save menu' right bottom corner

Screen options

If you can't find all the links to add to your menu, you should click open the 'screen options' at the top of your page on the right. They will show more options for example product categories, product tags... When you select them they will appear in the left column by menu items