Embed Vimeo video's on your website

—  Using Vimeo allows you to embed videos on your website. You can choose for the videos to start playing immediately and let them loop.


Once you have created an account you can upload a video.

New video > upload.

  1. Change the appearance of the player in the right bar by switching the toolbars on and off.
  2. Save
  3. Embed icon ‘share link’ and press the blue copy button

4. Go to your Popeye media library > add multimedia

5. Add a title and copy the link from your Vimeo video at insert from URL

6. iI you want the video to loop copy this after your link ?background=1  (ex: https://vimeo.com/779234849?background=1 )

7. Save

It may happen that the video does not load on mobile phones if e.g. your battery saving mode is active. For this you can set an alternative image so that if the video does not load this image is shown.

In the media library, open the picture you want to set up. Copy the ID (e.g. 96766) and go to the video you want to link to. Open this video and paste the ID of the image into the Media Poster (Image ID).

Tips 'n tricks

Don't forget to save your changes!