Corporate vision on hosting security

— Our number one priority

Site/Shop/App security

  1. ISO: The Popeye Hosting partner is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified by external audit agencies. So you can be sure of the best security for your hosting
  2. Web filter: Every incoming request to your website is monitored by a Secure Shield. Malicious code or commonly used infections are automatically blocked. Protections against SQL injection, rootkits and brute force attacks are also provided. This configuration can be adjusted per website via
  3. Scanner: Secure Shield automatically scans your entire website and proactively looks for security vulnerabilities and risks. In the control panel you get an overview of the vulnerable files and fix them with a simple click, we call this patching. If you want, we always do this for you with “automatic patching”.
  4. We also scan for malware, such as an antivirus scanner on your computer. Infected files are automatically deleted from our systems. When in doubt, it becomesfile quarantined and manually verified by a Support Engineer.
  5. Critical Patching: Automatically take action when a critical update is available.
  6. Jailing: We ensure that the principle of "jailing" is applied at the application level, providing an isolated environment for running yourapplications. This way you have no nuisance or security risks caused by other customers.
  7. Logging tools & IP blocking: We analyze logs and automatically block requests from unreliable IPs, user agents (bots), ...

Control operating system security

  1. Jailing: We ensure that the principle of "jailing" is applied at the operating system level, ensuring an isolated environment. This way you have no nuisance or security risks at the hands of other customers.
  2. Automatic patching: There is an automatic patching via the operating system. This way you always have the latest version of software, which greatly reduces the risk of security problems.
  3. Firewall: The Firewall also works at the operating system level. The firewall's "settings are adapted to the services that each server provides.

Network security

  1. DDoS protection: Our hostings offer efficient 24/7 protection against DDoS attacks. The engineers of our hosting partners continuously monitor the various requests on the hosting platform and ensure that DDoS attacks are distracted in a timely manner.
  2. Physical firewalls: The physical Juniper SRX3400 firewalls offer the best protection against external attacks. One machine can process more than 175,000 requests per second and protects against all kinds of attacks such as SYN or UDP floods. These firewalls are connected to our network core with multiple 10Gbit connections and are located in two different physical locations.

Datacenter security measures

  1. 24/7 on site security: Tier 3+ datacenter that is monitored 24/7 and is subject to strict access control with permanent physical and camera surveillance.
  2. Strict Access Control: Customers or suppliers cannot access the data center without supervision and prior screening and registration. In addition, only a limited number of employees have permanent access to the data centers

Want to know more?

Take a look at our customer references or setup a meeting with our system administrator to gain more insights about our vision on security & maintenance.