Google Optimalisation

Google Optimalisation

—  Learn everything about Google Optimalisation. Score higher in the search engine.

SEO Checkup
A comprehensive report on how optimized your website is for search engines and social media.
Every website has a SEO score.


Titles & Meta
Control how your website’s pages, posts and custom post types appear in search engines like Google and Bing.


Automatically generate detailed sitemaps to tell search engines what content you want them to crawl and index.


Content Analysis
SEO and Readability Analysis recommend improvements to your content to give it the best chance of ranking highly, as well as being easy for average person to read.


Advanced Tools
Advanced tools focus on the finer details of SEO including internal linking, redirections and Moz analysis.


Control and optimize how your website appears when shared on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Tips 'n tricks

Choose a permalink that is not too long for your website. In this way you optimize the SEO and are the pages easier to find.